Thursday, 30 November 2017

Blog #51 - Art Deco Weekend

Saturday,  18 February 2017

I am sure you will know that Napier has the reputation as being one of the ART DECO cities
 of the world due to the city being destroyed by an earthquake in 1931
and therefore being rebuilt in the building style of the time - Art Deco. 
Over several days in the month of February, the uniqueness of this is celebrated with 1930's
styled events -  balls, outdoor picnics in the park, vintage and classic car parades,
flyovers of old planes, a trolley derby, walks, talks & tours, dances, etc.
and everyone (locals and visitors) dress in the clothes of that era.
It is quite a feast for the eyes to see men, women and children of all ages
dressed in the style of the period.
Visitors from all over New Zealand and from all over the world
come year after year to participate.
One of the celebrities is Merrill J. Fernando,
founder & Chairman of Dilmah Tea
and often his family will accompany him.
Here are a few pics of this awesome weekend.

Yesterday I spent the most wonderful time
with an amazing needlewoman from Auckland - Judith Anne.
I met Judith Anne at the Embroiderers' Guild Conference
that was held in Auckland in July last year.
She had come to the Hawkes Bay to take part in the Art Deco celebrations.
She brought the most beautiful gifts with her for myself and Keith -
a little zippered felt bag with a raised hydrangea flower decoration
created with different coloured pieces of felt on the front of it,
a gorgeous bouquet of flowers in my favourite colours
and an assortment of fudge pieces for Keith.
I will definitely be taking the pretty purse with me on all my future trips overseas!
Each special season in a year (e.g. Christmas, Easter, etc.) Judith Anne
decorates her home with the appropriate items,
floral arrangements using flowers from her garden
and needlework pieces that she has stitched.
She then opens her home for visitors to enjoy.  Just wonderful!
With Art Deco in mind - did you know that 'The Little Kit Company' has two designs
in their range of needlework designs to celebrate the uniqueness of this area.
The are:  Art Deco Napier  &  Marine Parade Napier
Each design is packaged with fabric  (Brittney - white)
DMC Stranded Cotton threads
Needle,  Chart  &  Instructions
Each kit:  $19.50
Design Title:  Art Deco Napier
Design Title:  Marine Parade Napier
And did you know that at the beginning of last year I acquired
'The Little Kit Company'?
This business was owned by my lovely friend, Liz.
When visiting the previous Christmas
she announced that she was to be having
a special birthday in a few months time
and that she thought I needed to take over her business.
Well - that is what happened.
There are over sixty designs in the range -
all designs featuring NZ birds, scenes and icons
and all are ONLY available as kits.
The company logo
The logo above looks as though it has a grey background, but in fact, it is a delicate cream.
Some designs are packed inside the cream - others inside the black.
Only a few of the designs are available from Spotlight stores throughout New Zealand.
These designs are always packaged inside the black and white packaging.
The Bookmark designs are -
Dusky Dolphins  :  Kiwi  :  Pohutukawa & Kowhai  :  Sheep  :  Takahe
Scene designs are -
Auckland  :  Christchurch  :  Dunedin  :  Lake Tekapo  :  Map of NZ  :
Pohutukawa Tree  :  Wellington
Miscellaneous designs are -
Aotearoa  :  Aotearoa Kiwi  :  Native Flowers  :  Wild Flowers
Note:  To purchase the kits from Spotlight stores
is more expensive than ordering from Heirlooms.
A kit packaged for the Waiouru Army Museum is pictured below -
More details in my next blog.
Bye for now.