Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Blog #72 - A Busy Month

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Lots of travel this month.
Several trips to Palmerston North & Upper Hutt plus further afield.
Also a very sad month, but there were some happy times too.
The sadness was due to us having to say farewell
to one of Keith's lovely sisters, Bev
after the discovery of cancer a couple of months previously.
The first of Keith's siblings to pass away.
A few days prior to her passing we visited with her
and her final words to us were, "I'll see you in glory.  Bye for now",
and she began singing an old hymn we used to sing in church,
some of the words being,
"When the roll is called up yonder, I'll be there".
A woman of great faith.  We will miss her.
As you can see from the photo, she loved her garden.

Her garden was often visited by gardening groups
and over the years featured several times in the NZ Gardening magazine.
The happy time was that another of Keith's sisters, Dulcie & her husband, Stan,
travelled home to NZ from their home in Canada
to see and spend time with Bev and visit with the family.
Over the previous eighteen months Dulc had had an operation
followed by chemo and radiation.
In addition to all the family being at the funeral,
there was also a special get-together in Upper Hutt
for all the extended Whiteman family plus friends of Dulc & Stan's.
We were four days in Upper Hutt.
During that time Keith and I spent an evening
with my lovely cousin, Kevin Pepperell and his equally lovely wife, Merrill
to celebrate a belated 50th wedding anniversary,
and I met up with primary school friends, Jocelyn & Marie,
(Marie, Jocelyn & myself)
visited my 92 year old aunty at the Hutt Hospital
and lunched at Kev & Merrill's fabulous café - Café Blume,  *
(Anita, Kevin & granddaughter, McKenzie)
meeting up there with two of their three daughters,
Lee and Anita
(Lee, Merrill & Anita)
and I spent a morning at a wholesalers ordering lots of lovely new Christmas items
that I think visitors to the gallery will love to purchase this coming Christmas.
*  Since writing this, Kevin & Merrill have sold their café.
Returned home from Upper Hutt late one evening
and the next day Dulc & Stan arrived to stay with us for three days.
They left today to stay with another of Keith's sisters, Mave & her husband, Dave,
who live here in the Hawkes Bay.
Last night all six of us met at the 'Mission' to celebrate an early 70th birthday for Keith.
In two day times I leave for the States to attend the Needlework Trade Show
at Nashville, Tennessee.
I am SO looking forward to this trip as have not been for the past four years!
As for stitching on the plane,
 I'm taking a companion piece to
'Tidings of Joy' and 'O' Christmas Tree'.
I began stitching this a few weeks ago.
Design Title:  Joyeux Noel
Design Code:  JBW 336
Price:  $21.50
I should have lots of news for you next time.
Till then, sincerely hoping you have been able to have some time
with fabric, needle and thread in your hands.
We are truly blessed to have such a beautiful pastime.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Blog #71 - The Awesome Month of January

Wednesday,  17 January 2018

Christmas arrived - and went.
As per usual my Christmas gift from Keith was two jigsaw puzzles.
I know I have shared before that I am a "puzzle addict'.
Had finished both puzzles by Boxing Day evening.
They were  -  Sunset in Venice 
 &  The Baking Contest

 The baking puzzle was a lot of fun as one did not know what the picture would be.
One had to use their imagination.
And this was the result  -  absolute chaos!
I love creating puzzles as they involve my love of colour.
I call January my 'stress-free' month
as no monthly commitments of meetings, few deadlines, etc.
I can please myself what I do each day
without any guilty feelings.
Thus, spent a lot of time stitching and finishing the projects.
Finished the three little stockings I began in December
and stitched another set - this time more similar to Judy's original design.
Design Title:  Petite French Stockings
Design Code:  JBW 270
Price:  $15.00

I also stitched two versions of the following design -
Design Title:  French Country  -  Petite Stocking
Design Code:  JBW 173
Price:  $10.00
and finished them as ornamentals -

And stitched and finished a second version of Judy's lovely design, 'Tidings of Joy'.

However, this time stitched it over one fabric thread
and finished it as an ornamental.
Another JBW design I began stitching was a companion piece to 'Tidings of Joy'.
Design Title:  O' Christmas Tree
Design Code:  JBW 326
Price:  $21.50
One of the highlights of this month was meeting up with friends
(Yvonne & Jocelyn)  from "way-back".
Primary school days.
Below is one of our school photos -
Oxford Crescent School - Upper Hutt
Standard 3, 1959
Front Row, left to right:
Yvonne  -  6th girl
Jocelyn  -  7th girl
Me  -  last girl
I was 9 years of age.
Next month meeting up with Jocelyn again
and too, our friend, Marie.
Marie is pictured  -  second row, 5th girl.
No doubt there will be lots of happy memories to share.
We really did have a wonderful childhood.
Bye for now.

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Blog #70 - Christmas is Coming

Wednesday,  20 December 2017
In addition to the Sampler exhibition,
also set up a "mini" Christmas display
in one of the rooms in what will one day be my new Needlework Gallery.
When setting up the Christmas display
I realised that I had only stitched two new Christmas designs
during the past year:

Both  -  JBW Designs
Design Title:  Tidings of Joy
Design Code:  JBW 311
Price:  $21.50

Design Title:  French Country  -  Santa
Design Code:  JBW 310
Price:  $17.50

In addition to being able to purchase the lovely little design above,
the little hornbooks are also available -
Description:  JBW Hornbook
Design Code:  KELM:HORN
Price:  $27.50
Pictured below are the finished pieces -
Tidings of Joy
French Country - Santa
(Note:  This design stitched over one fabric thread)

This revelation inspired me to stitch some new designs for Christmas 2018
and so began stitching some tiny stockings - also designed by JBW Designs.
Design Title:  Petite French Stockings
Design Code:  JBW 270
Price:  $15.00
But - as per usual - I opted for different fabric and thread colourings
to those of the original design.
Another task I have been doing this month is advising of our new email address,
due to Vodafone deciding to no longer provide an email service.

What a headache!  And such a mammoth task!!
I wish I could charge Vodafone for the hours it has taken to do this.
Plus - the change has meant all our current letterheads,
thank you notes, gift vouchers, business cards, brochures, etc.
now have an incorrect email address on them.
And too, all my printed needlework designs.
A very costly exercise to replace everything.
Once again I wish I could charge these expenses to Vodafone!
Another disruption caused with the change of email address
is that EVERY page of my website had the incorrect email address on it.
Hundreds of pages.
Thus, I enlisted the help of my granddaughter once college had finished for the year
to create a single page with all our current contact details on it,
delete the old address/contact details from every page
and then link every page to the new contact page.
A great help - and she was happy with the pocket money.
Another impact of the email change
is that I have to change all the "masters" of EVERY needlework design
& create a new pdf file for each one for printing.
As yet done any of this work.
Here are new email addresses:
Enough of my woes.
On a happier note, this is a very special time of year  -  Christmas.
Sincerely wishing you a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.
May this time be filled with happy memories and blessed with all good things.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Blog #69 - More Exhbition Photos ....

Tuesday,  5 December 2017

As advised in my last blog, here are photos of other pieces of needlework
that were displayed during the 'Letters of the Alphabet' exhibition
held over three weekends in the month of November.
Below are some of Gigi's designs - Les Bells Lettres de Gigi.
In this series, in the centre of each design is a letter
and dotted all around this letter are the same letter
in various sizes and styles of script, plus motifs
that have been used in needlework piece throughout the centuries
dotted around and amongst the different sized and styled letters.
Really gorgeous!
All designs for the letters (excepting: Q,  U,  W,  X,  Y  and  Z)
are available from the Needlework Gallery.
$36.50  each
Joy Hurford  -  Havelock North
Mary Dixon  -  Hastings
Andrea Darroch  -  Taradale
Note:  Both of these pieces have been stitched over one fabric thread!

Margo McLennon  -  Hastings
Sharon Gordon  -  Napier
Sharon is also stitching her letter design over one fabric thread
The other series of needlework pieces on display were our 2016 Mystery Sampler project -
Family Quaker Sampler.
It was amazing to see the difference in each of the samplers
due to the choices made by the needleworker -
fabric colour, thread colour, choice of motifs
and choice as to whether to stitch just initials of family members or their full names.
The original design  (stitched over one fabric thread)

Lesley Johnston  -  Waipukurau
Robyn Phillips  -  Hastings
Dorothy Bell  -  Havelock North
                                  Joy Hurford  -  Havelock North
Maryann Kingston  -  Waipawa

Janet Jones - Hastings
The Family Quaker Sampler design is available for purchase -
Design Title :  Family Quaker Sampler
Design Code:  BARB::WL004
Design Price:  $50.00

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed looking at all these beautiful pieces of needlework.
If you would like to see more pieces that were on display during the exhibition
these can be seen at  -


Friday, 8 June 2018

Blog #68 - Holiday Stitching & Letters of the Alphabet Exhibition

Friday,  2 December 2018

Summary of content:

Recently finished some alphabet letters.
Design charts & instructions as yet have not been written:
E   =  Excellence
B  =  Blessed
S  =  Sincerity
J  =  Joyful
F  =  Faithful
R  =  Respectful
Other letters almost finished:
G  =  Gentleness
H  =  Honesty
Keith had a 'smashing' experience
as he was lining the underside of the verandah.
A piece of timber slipped off the scaffolding
and crashed through the window pane of the door into the Needlework Gallery.

On Saturday, the 11th of November
opened the
Letters of the Alphabet
Sampler Exhibition
Proceeds were donated to the
Hamlin Fistulas Hospitals Trust
located in Ethiopia.
This amazing hospital performs reconstructive surgery for women
with fistula problems caused by prolonged childbirth labour
or an obstructed labour.
Reginald Hamlin - a Napier man - and his Australian wife
pioneered this surgery and established the hospital many years ago.
To follow are just a few of the samplers that were on display.
Linda Graham  -  Christchurch
"Around The World"
Designer  -  Rosewood Manor 
Joy Hurford  -  Havelock North
Simple Gifts  -  JOY
Designer  -  Praiseworthy Stitches
Marann Kingston  -  Waipawa
Simple Gifts  -  LOVE
Designer  -  Praiseworthy Stitches
Sharon Gordon  -  Napier
Sweet Adeline  1873
Designer  -  GigiR

Robyn Holt  -  Napier
English Cottage
Designer  -  Teresa Wentzler

Annette Webb  -  Hastings
The Orford Sampler
Designer  -  Barberry Row
More exhibition photos in my next blog 
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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Blog #67 - Massa, Italy

Summary of content:

A village up in the hills above Massa
Front door to Giulia & Mario's summer house built in 1604
Farewell to Giulia
Some of Giulia's exquisite dolls
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Blog #66 - Baveno & Lake Maggoire, Italy

Summary of content:

Beautiful Baveno accommodation
Fascinating St. Giulio's Isle
Beautiful island garden & home
Gorgeous guest cottage at Giulia's - Massa
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