Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Blog #34 - Update : Frances Mary Jones Sampler

Wednesday,  25 February 2015  -

As per Blog #31 & Blog #33, I have been stitching a reproduction sampler
originally stitched by Frances Mary Jones in 1862.

I have been working late into the night and sometimes beyond
into the first few hours of a new day to get this sampler finished.

Have a look at my last blog to see how it was looking
on the 7th of February

and the picture below shows how
it looked on the 14th of February -

and below shows it all finished on the 23rd of February!

It really is amazing the difference that has been achieved
by substituting the bright marigold yellow
with the red colour of the border
and substituting a softer green for the deep bottle green.

I am really pleased with it
and I don’t think it looks too bad
with leaving the top left-hand corner
stitched in the original colours.

The reason I wanted and needed to get this piece finished as quickly as I could
was so that I could keep my promise to Vivien that it would be completed for display
at the next Sampler Gathering.

Other than the usual venue for this event and the definite dates, no other definite plans
have been released as yet, but should you wish to know a little more, to follow
is information that the contact person is Judy Clearwater and details of her address.
Please contact her to request that you be placed on her list to be notified
as soon as classes, costings, etc. have been finalised. 


Now that ‘Frances Mary Jones’ is finished, I need to stitch some more sampler
projects so that I will have something new to display at Sampler Gathering,
as I am once again to be the merchant at this lovely event.

Consequently started on one of two quite simple but delightful Quaker
influenced samplers that have been designed by Sandie of The Sweetheart Tree.

This design is available
for purchase from Heirlooms.

Design Title:  Olde Quaker Flowers

Code:  SWT 069

Design:  $30.00
(includes embellishments
of the tiniest little burgundy buttons)

I have decided to stitch both designs - each one in a different coloured
Sampler Thread by The Gentle Art.

Even though burgundy is one of my favourite colours,
I have also decided to use a different colour for a change - blues.

This, of course, has necessitated purchasing alternative little buttons to those
supplied with the design.

I should have some pictures in my next blog.

Sincerely hoping you have been able to find some time for stitching.