Monday, 12 March 2018

Blog #59 - Samplers, Samplers and more Samplers ...

Saturday, 27 May 2017

As promised in my last blog - more pics of amazing samplers
that adorn the walls at the beautiful home of Ellen & Tom Chester
and too, other exquisite needlework pieces.
This time all samplers and needlework pieces are in Ellen's office
and all are Ellen's creations,
published under her company name of
'With My Needle'
Almost all her designs are currently in stock
and therefore are available to be purchased from the Needlework Gallery.

To view designs -
Here are a few pics of 'With My Needle' designs that have been stitched
and are on display at the Needlework Gallery -
WMN:KIND  -  Kind and True
 WMN:BHPRIMER  -  Blue House Needle Primer
WMN:HUSWIF  -  Mrs. Waddelow's Huswif
WMN:QU  -  Quaker Samplings
(model stitched over one thread)
WMN:REM  -  Remember Me Sewing Pocket
(front view)

WMN:REM  -  Remember Me Sewing Pocket
(back view)
And finally, a work in progress -
WMN:FEMALE  -  Of Female Arts
In addition to all of Ellen's designed samplers
hanging on the walls of her office,
there was also an antique cabinet containing all other items she has designed -
needlebooks, huswifs, etui's, needlework boxes, scissor fobs
and more   ......
An amazing collection - and of course - all so beautiful.
Ellen has been given a wonderful gift.
We are so fortunate that she has shared her awesome talent with us all
so that we can recreate the wonderful pieces she has designed.
And finally, up against the last wall in her office is a bookcase
on which are the most fantastic needlework books.
A wonderful library.
And - all so neatly stacked and catagorised.
As per my previous blog - I really cannot find the words to adequately describe
all the beautiful needlework on display
and the gracious, elegant home in which they are housed.
Only one more day in Cincinnati with Ellen & Tom
-  Thursday, the 11th of May  -
In the morning Ellen and I spent some time together - stitching, chatting and enjoying
one another's company and in the afternoon whilst Ellen caught up on some tasks
I went for a walk around the area in which they live.
A beautiful place.
All homes are surrounded by a golf course,
huge trees, streets fenced with white railings.
So peaceful.
That evening Ellen, Tom and myself went to the golf clubhouse for dinner.
Very nice dinner and very nice surroundings.
Next day (Friday), hugs and kisses again as we said our farewells
and I flew from Cincinnati to Houston, to Auckland, to Napier,
arriving at home the following Sunday
-  Mothers' Day and my birthday   -
to more kisses and hugs
(this time from Keith).
What a wonderful time I had experienced in the USA
and what a wonderful welcome home.
I am truly blessed.
Bye for now.