Friday, 3 April 2015

Blog #23 - Another Completed Needlework Piece

Wednesday,  10 December 2014  -

Another piece of needlework I worked on
during those dark days of the month of November
is a gift for my eldest granddaughter, Ashleigh
I intended to have it completed by the 22nd of September
as one of her 21st birthday gifts - but at that date -
I hadn’t even started it!
I have adapted one of the monthly birth samplers
created by my special friend, Sandie Vandosdall of The Sweetheart Tree.
But only adapted it slightly by including Ashleigh’s name
and her birth date plus added a few extra needlework
bands/rows into the centre of the design.
Here is the original design as pictured
on the cover of the design chart -

This design is available for purchase
from Heirlooms.
Design Title:
Aster & Sapphire
The Monthly
Sampler Collection
Code:  SWT:T 135
Design:  $27.50 
 (including special
 embellishment -
 sapphire blue
 coloured cabochon heart)

And here is a close-up of the extra piece that I added
into the middle of the original design.

With regards to her name,
I have only placed her
Christian names
and not her surname
on the sampler.
My reasoning for this
is that when she marries,
her surname will change.

This sampler is in blues as her birth stone is sapphire
and it features the aster flower as these are known to be the September flower.
Another adaption I have made is that on either side of the sampler
I have stitched a personal note.
On one side it reads, “Stitched with love by Nanny  -  2014

 and on the other side, “for your 21st birthday  -  Sherelyn Whiteman”
A question.  Did you spot my error? 
I hadn’t noticed it until I was putting the image into this blog.
I will have to correct it before the sampler is framed!
The word ‘Nanny’  -  I have not worked the down stroke
       of the letter ‘n’ or the upstroke of the letter ‘y’.
These words will not be able to be seen when framed.
They are there for someone to find and read in the future
when is it pulled apart to be reframed.
Here is a picture of the complete sampler -
chose not
to have a
21st birthday party. 

Instead her parents
the party expenses
towards the airfare
for Ashleigh
to go to
South Africa
 for four weeks
to visit
with a friend there. 

This friend
she made
whilst they
were both
Rotary Exchange
in Belgium
the 2012 year.

That’s all for this blog.

I do hope you have been encouraged to do some stitching.