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Blog #24 - Christmas at Heirlooms

Saturday,  13 December 2014  -

At the end of November/beginning of December I was quite unwell -
very musical lungs bordering on pneumonia - and so
on steroids and antibiotics to stave off being hospitalised.
December is usually a special time of year for me.
For the past ten years Christmas has been celebrated
at the Needlework Gallery with stitched Christmas pieces
and Christmas products (Santa's, angels, Nativity scenes,
ornaments, etc.) displayed throughout the house for sale
but due to the downturn in numbers visiting last year
and my being unwell this year, decided not to set up as per usual.
However, as a few groups of ladies had requested that they come
to my home to visit at this time, I set up the dining room
with a display of needlework pieces - all with a Christmas theme -
and with little twinkling lights wound through the swags
of Christmas greenery, it all looked rather lovely.
As always, enjoyed the days when the groups of ladies were here.
A couple
of pics
of the
dining room
table -
And one of the sideboard -
And the fireplace -



Here is a closer peak at the needlework pieces around the fireplace -

And these are some of the featured designs on display around the fireplace
and available for purchase from Heirlooms -

JBW Designs 

Design Title: 
Christmas Tree Collection I

Code:  JBW 204E

Design &
Embellishments:  $15.00

This design is one
 of many *  in this series.

* Seven design charts /
fourteen different
Christmas tree designs


JBW Designs

Design Title: 
French Country  ~  Mitten

Code:  JBW 168

Design:  $10.00 

This design is one
 of many in this series.

There are four
stitched mittens on display -
two stitched over two threads
and two stitched over one thread.

And another couple of featured designs hanging on the fire available for purchase.

JBW Designs

Design Title:

French Country  ~
Code:  JBW 170
Design:  $13.00
Threads used: 
Green stocking - worked over two threads:  Baby Spinach
Simply Shaker Sampler Thread  by  The Gentle Art
Red stocking  -  worked over one thread:  Buckeye Scarlet
Sampler Thread  by  The Gentle Art
(This stocking is hanging on the gold Christmas tree)
Sampler Thread  &  Simply Shaker Sampler Threads:  $5.50  per skein

 JBW Designs

Design Title:
French Country  ~ 
      Reindeer Stocking
Code:  JBW 243
Design:  $13.00

Thread:   Piney Woods
Simply Shaker Sampler Thread by  The Gentle Art:  $5.50  per skein

One of the designs displayed on the sideboard -

JBW Designs
Design Title:
French Country  ~  Angel
Code:  JBW 230
Design:  $10.00

Another featured design displayed on one of the little tables at a sideboard end -


The Sweetheart Tree
Design Title: Three Santas
Code:  SWT:T 072
Design:  $25.00
    (including special
Another couple of featured designs displayed
on one of the little tables at the other sideboard end -
 Framed piece:

JBW Designs

Design Title:  The Sampler Tree
Code:  JBW 085
Design & Embellishments:  $17.50


JBW Designs
 Design Title:  Sampler Tree II
Code:  JBW 100
Design & Embellishments:  $22.00
Mini stockings
on the
Christmas tree

JBW Designs
Design Title: 
Christmas Stocking
Collection I
Code:  JBW 232
 Design:  $10.00  each

JBW Designs

Design Title: 
Christmas Stocking
Collection I

Code:  JBW 232

 Design:  $10.00  each
Rather than stitch all stockings in this series in the one colour,
I stitched some of the stockings with green threads,
others with red threads and others with white threads on green fabric.
Here are some close-up pics of the stockings -
Red Stocking Collection I
Red Stocking Collection II



More pictures of stitched pieces in my next blog.

If you would like to purchase any of the designs featured,
please request them by contacting me.
Thank you.
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Napier   4183
New Zealand
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