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Blog #47b - A Sampler Exhibition continued ...

Saturday  -  24 December 2016

...  continuing on as unable to finish my last blog -

The Butterfly Sampler  (2015):  In addition to the Mystery Sampler features described in my last blog, the butterfly in this design and some of the rows of stitches were to be worked with one variegated thread and the remainder of the stitches were to worked with three solid dyed coloured threads that were in the overdyed thread and two complementary Perle cotton threads.  Once again, the stitcher was to choose a variegated thread that contained their favourite colours.
This sampler incorporated various embroidery techniques - Counted Thread stitches, Blackwork and Hardanger.
This sampler was designed by Linda Graham of Christchurch and the image below shows one of her original samplers.
To follow are The Butterfly Samplers displayed on the dining table - 
Robyn  -  Hastings

Pam  -  Otane    &  Maryann  -  Waipawa 
The Crimson & Blue samplers as per the Mystery Sampler design instructions
 The creators of the next two samplers opted to make changes to their samplers.
Cherry  -  Auckland  -  opted to add a verse :
"Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss you will land amongst the stars"
Joy  -  Havelock North  -  chose to replace the butterfly
with the name and birth date of her granddaughter
and added additional rows of stitches
The samplers as displayed on the sideboard -

Sharon  -  Napier
Leta  -  Pukerua Bay
Elisabeth  -  Napier
The following Mystery Samplers are now available for purchase as complete designs
BARB:WL  002  -  Favoured Shades     :     $45.00
BARB:WL 003  -  The Butterfly Sampler     :     $45.00
Family Quaker Sampler  (2016):  At the time of the exhibition, this mystery sampler project was a work in progress  ...  and still is  ...  as Part One was not released until the 1st of September.
I was a bit late with designing it, stitching it and writing up the instructions.
In addition to the mystery sampler features written in my last blog, this design was to be worked with one variegated thread and solid dyed coloured threads - the quantity dependent on the number of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in the sampler maker's family.
The design for this sampler was inspired by samplers that were stitched by girls who attended the Ackworth School in the UK for Quaker children from 1779 to the mid 1800's.
My sampler - below - has been worked with an overdyed Sampler Thread by The Gentle Art  -  Soot.
My family names  -
Daughter  :  Melissa Joy Whitfield  -  DMC 814
Son  :  Rodney Keith Whiteman  -  DMC 936
Melissa's children / my grandchildren  -  DMC 815
Rodney's children / my grandchildren  -  DMC 3051
Part Six is to be released on the 1st of February and this last part will be the personalisation at the bottom of the sampler.
It is not too late to participate in this project.  If you would like to do so:
Cost for design charts and instructions is $50.00.
Please email me with your name, address and phone number advising that you wish to participate and I will reply with details of fabric and thread requirements, how to make payment etc.  -
Alternatively, this design will be published in a few months after the mystery sampler project
has finished and available to be purchased complete.
There are many, many more samplers that were on display during the exhibition,
but I will feature them in my next blog.
Before then though, as I began my last blog to you  - time to pack up this amazing exhibition.
I am sure that many of you will be anxious to hang your samplers on your walls again.
Once again, my sincere thanks to all ladies who willingly loaned their samplers
and to all the visitors to the exhibition.
Bye for now  ...
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Contact:  Sherelyn