Thursday, 6 July 2017

Blog #48 - More ... A Sampler Exhibition

Friday,  30 December 2016

Some more of the samplers on display during the time of 'A Sampler Exhibition'.
Many of them were by very accomplished needlewoman, Linda Graham, of Christchurch.
(Linda was also the designer of the 2015 Mystery Sampler project - The Butterfly Sampler)

In addition to those shown in my last two blogs, here are some of her other samplers
that were on display -

Harmony  (to the right)

Blackwork Sampler  (above)
A Pattern Record  (above)
Grateful Heart
Celebration Sampler
Calico Sampler
A Needlework Story
And here are a few of the many other samplers that were on display -
A French inspired sampler  -  stitched by Margot  -  Hastings
Birds & Berries Alphabet Sampler
Design by :  JBW Designs
Floral Alphabet
Stitched by Glenys  -  Waipukurau
Design by  :  JBW Designs
Rose Motif Sampler
Design by  :  JBW Designs
Quaker Floral Sampler
Design by  :  The Sweetheart Tree
Fruit of the Vine Sampler
This huswife design was designed and taught by Ellen Chester
of  'With My Needle'
at the Mission Estate Winery
when she visited and stayed with us in 2014
Two more designs by Ellen Chester of 'With My Needle'
Quaker Samplings  &  Be Kind and True 
The following sampler  which was also on display is a reproduction
of one of the samplers in my own antique sampler collection.
It is  :  BARB 2000  :  The Orford Sampler  :  $22.50
The sampler below has been stitched by Annette  -  Hastings.
Annette plans to stitch this same sampler four times - each one in a different colour -
one for each of her granddaughters
Pictured below is  -  Sampler Frisien 1750  -  which was also on display
This beautiful reproduction sampler
by Gigi of GigiR
would be the most popular sampler purchased at the Needlework Gallery

As mentioned many times before, lots of other samplers on display, but time to finish this note.
Once again, my sincere thanks to all ladies who willingly loaned their samplers
for me to display and to all visitors who attended the exhibition.
Without you  -  this would not have been possible  .....
In closing, the most admired sampler in the exhibition
is the one pictured below.
English Garden Sampler
Design by  :  Teresa Wentzler
Melissa  (our daughter)
stitched this for me for my 60th birthday.
It took her almost three years to complete.
I love it!  It is certainly one of my treasures.
Bye for now.