Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Blog #71 - The Awesome Month of January

Wednesday,  17 January 2018

Christmas arrived - and went.
As per usual my Christmas gift from Keith was two jigsaw puzzles.
I know I have shared before that I am a "puzzle addict'.
Had finished both puzzles by Boxing Day evening.
They were  -  Sunset in Venice 
 &  The Baking Contest

 The baking puzzle was a lot of fun as one did not know what the picture would be.
One had to use their imagination.
And this was the result  -  absolute chaos!
I love creating puzzles as they involve my love of colour.
I call January my 'stress-free' month
as no monthly commitments of meetings, few deadlines, etc.
I can please myself what I do each day
without any guilty feelings.
Thus, spent a lot of time stitching and finishing the projects.
Finished the three little stockings I began in December
and stitched another set - this time more similar to Judy's original design.
Design Title:  Petite French Stockings
Design Code:  JBW 270
Price:  $15.00

I also stitched two versions of the following design -
Design Title:  French Country  -  Petite Stocking
Design Code:  JBW 173
Price:  $10.00
and finished them as ornamentals -

And stitched and finished a second version of Judy's lovely design, 'Tidings of Joy'.

However, this time stitched it over one fabric thread
and finished it as an ornamental.
Another JBW design I began stitching was a companion piece to 'Tidings of Joy'.
Design Title:  O' Christmas Tree
Design Code:  JBW 326
Price:  $21.50
One of the highlights of this month was meeting up with friends
(Yvonne & Jocelyn)  from "way-back".
Primary school days.
Below is one of our school photos -
Oxford Crescent School - Upper Hutt
Standard 3, 1959
Front Row, left to right:
Yvonne  -  6th girl
Jocelyn  -  7th girl
Me  -  last girl
I was 9 years of age.
Next month meeting up with Jocelyn again
and too, our friend, Marie.
Marie is pictured  -  second row, 5th girl.
No doubt there will be lots of happy memories to share.
We really did have a wonderful childhood.
Bye for now.