Saturday, 30 June 2018

Blog #70 - Christmas is Coming

Wednesday,  20 December 2017
In addition to the Sampler exhibition,
also set up a "mini" Christmas display
in one of the rooms in what will one day be my new Needlework Gallery.
When setting up the Christmas display
I realised that I had only stitched two new Christmas designs
during the past year:

Both  -  JBW Designs
Design Title:  Tidings of Joy
Design Code:  JBW 311
Price:  $21.50

Design Title:  French Country  -  Santa
Design Code:  JBW 310
Price:  $17.50

In addition to being able to purchase the lovely little design above,
the little hornbooks are also available -
Description:  JBW Hornbook
Design Code:  KELM:HORN
Price:  $27.50
Pictured below are the finished pieces -
Tidings of Joy
French Country - Santa
(Note:  This design stitched over one fabric thread)

This revelation inspired me to stitch some new designs for Christmas 2018
and so began stitching some tiny stockings - also designed by JBW Designs.
Design Title:  Petite French Stockings
Design Code:  JBW 270
Price:  $15.00
But - as per usual - I opted for different fabric and thread colourings
to those of the original design.
Another task I have been doing this month is advising of our new email address,
due to Vodafone deciding to no longer provide an email service.

What a headache!  And such a mammoth task!!
I wish I could charge Vodafone for the hours it has taken to do this.
Plus - the change has meant all our current letterheads,
thank you notes, gift vouchers, business cards, brochures, etc.
now have an incorrect email address on them.
And too, all my printed needlework designs.
A very costly exercise to replace everything.
Once again I wish I could charge these expenses to Vodafone!
Another disruption caused with the change of email address
is that EVERY page of my website had the incorrect email address on it.
Hundreds of pages.
Thus, I enlisted the help of my granddaughter once college had finished for the year
to create a single page with all our current contact details on it,
delete the old address/contact details from every page
and then link every page to the new contact page.
A great help - and she was happy with the pocket money.
Another impact of the email change
is that I have to change all the "masters" of EVERY needlework design
& create a new pdf file for each one for printing.
As yet done any of this work.
Here are new email addresses:
Enough of my woes.
On a happier note, this is a very special time of year  -  Christmas.
Sincerely wishing you a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.
May this time be filled with happy memories and blessed with all good things.