Friday, 8 June 2018

Blog #68 - Holiday Stitching & Letters of the Alphabet Exhibition

Friday,  2 December 2018

Summary of content:

Recently finished some alphabet letters.
Design charts & instructions as yet have not been written:
E   =  Excellence
B  =  Blessed
S  =  Sincerity
J  =  Joyful
F  =  Faithful
R  =  Respectful
Other letters almost finished:
G  =  Gentleness
H  =  Honesty
Keith had a 'smashing' experience
as he was lining the underside of the verandah.
A piece of timber slipped off the scaffolding
and crashed through the window pane of the door into the Needlework Gallery.

On Saturday, the 11th of November
opened the
Letters of the Alphabet
Sampler Exhibition
Proceeds were donated to the
Hamlin Fistulas Hospitals Trust
located in Ethiopia.
This amazing hospital performs reconstructive surgery for women
with fistula problems caused by prolonged childbirth labour
or an obstructed labour.
Reginald Hamlin - a Napier man - and his Australian wife
pioneered this surgery and established the hospital many years ago.
To follow are just a few of the samplers that were on display.
Linda Graham  -  Christchurch
"Around The World"
Designer  -  Rosewood Manor 
Joy Hurford  -  Havelock North
Simple Gifts  -  JOY
Designer  -  Praiseworthy Stitches
Marann Kingston  -  Waipawa
Simple Gifts  -  LOVE
Designer  -  Praiseworthy Stitches
Sharon Gordon  -  Napier
Sweet Adeline  1873
Designer  -  GigiR

Robyn Holt  -  Napier
English Cottage
Designer  -  Teresa Wentzler

Annette Webb  -  Hastings
The Orford Sampler
Designer  -  Barberry Row
More exhibition photos in my next blog 
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