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Blog #69 - More Exhbition Photos ....

Tuesday,  5 December 2017

As advised in my last blog, here are photos of other pieces of needlework
that were displayed during the 'Letters of the Alphabet' exhibition
held over three weekends in the month of November.
Below are some of Gigi's designs - Les Bells Lettres de Gigi.
In this series, in the centre of each design is a letter
and dotted all around this letter are the same letter
in various sizes and styles of script, plus motifs
that have been used in needlework piece throughout the centuries
dotted around and amongst the different sized and styled letters.
Really gorgeous!
All designs for the letters (excepting: Q,  U,  W,  X,  Y  and  Z)
are available from the Needlework Gallery.
$36.50  each
Joy Hurford  -  Havelock North
Mary Dixon  -  Hastings
Andrea Darroch  -  Taradale
Note:  Both of these pieces have been stitched over one fabric thread!

Margo McLennon  -  Hastings
Sharon Gordon  -  Napier
Sharon is also stitching her letter design over one fabric thread
The other series of needlework pieces on display were our 2016 Mystery Sampler project -
Family Quaker Sampler.
It was amazing to see the difference in each of the samplers
due to the choices made by the needleworker -
fabric colour, thread colour, choice of motifs
and choice as to whether to stitch just initials of family members or their full names.
The original design  (stitched over one fabric thread)

Lesley Johnston  -  Waipukurau
Robyn Phillips  -  Hastings
Dorothy Bell  -  Havelock North
                                  Joy Hurford  -  Havelock North
Maryann Kingston  -  Waipawa

Janet Jones - Hastings
The Family Quaker Sampler design is available for purchase -
Design Title :  Family Quaker Sampler
Design Code:  BARB::WL004
Design Price:  $50.00

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed looking at all these beautiful pieces of needlework.
If you would like to see more pieces that were on display during the exhibition
these can be seen at  -