Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Blog #53 - 'Celebration of Needlework' Class Project

Monday,  6 March 2017

In Blog #49 I gave you a sneak peek at my 'Celebration of Needlework'
class project and here it is again.                                                          
I have named this piece, 'Thankfulness' as the verse on it reads,
"Hem your blessings with thankfulness".
Once stitched it will be a daily reminder for you to give thanks for your many blessings.
The verse is stitched in Cross Stitch with a muddy/murky green coloured
DMC  Stranded Cotton  (#640)
and the decorative stitches between the two rows is created
with the English needlework technique of Fisherton de la Mere
with DMC  #12 Coton Perle  (#642)
and a silken pearl thread by The Thread Gatherer.
The colour of this thread is 'Desert Moss'
and the fabric is Belfast Linen  (32 count)  in the natural / raw colour.
As this project is a teaching piece, this has to remain an exclusive piece
until the beginning of next year.
I will advise when it becomes available but should you wish,
I can "hold" a design for you and send it to you at the release date.
Please let me know if you like me to do this.
Design Code:   BARB 1018
Design Title:   Thankfulness
Design Price:   $22.50
As well as the 'Thankfulness' piece I will teach the Fisherton de la Mere fob design
that I also mentioned in Blog #49.
To follow are images of the front and back of this fob design.
Fob front
Fob back
I have named this fob after the distinguished embroiderer,
Josephine Mary Newall
of Fisherton House
in Wiltshire, England
who devised this needlework technique.
History of this amazing lady is included with the design.
Design Code:   BARB 1025
Design Title:  Josephine's Fob
Design Cost:   $25.00
Materials as per the chart design are -
FABRIC:   Belfast Linen  -  32 count  :  Platinum  (#770)
THREADS:  Silken Pearl  -  SP10  9713   :  Desert Moss  by  The Thread Gatherer
DMC  Coton Perle  -  #12  :  3033
DMC  Stranded Cotton  :  3033
As a colour comparison, pictured below is the same design
using a blue Silken Pearl thread -
SP10  048  -  Pearled Blues
and a blue/grey fabric  -  Cashel Linen  :  Confederate Grey
Also note that I have placed the tassel and the scissors cord on the points of the fob
so that it hangs diagonally. 
Fob front
Fob back
This is an excellent little piece for learning the Fisherton de la Mere stitches.
That's all for the moment - so much to do - so little time  ... !!