Friday, 5 January 2018

Blog #54 - Stitching ... and More Stitching

Monday,  27 March 2017

Every spare moment of this month
- and moments when I should have been doing other things (e.g. ironing) -
have been taken up with stitching and finishing stitched pieces.
A few blogs ago I mentioned that I wanted to have several Fisherton de la Mere fobs
made so that the attendees in my class could see finished examples in various colours
and so that each one could have a finished model in front of them during the class
as they learnt to stitch one for themselves.
Pictured below are some of the fobs in the process of being made -
And, here is a pic of all the fobs finished -
And too, I have finished  the two versions of the antique sampler that I wrote about in Blog #50,
had them framed, written the instructions and printed the design.
Here again, is a pic of the original sampler
and below the two reproduced versions.
The first reproduced version has been worked with DMC  Stranded Cotton threads
and the second reproduced version has been worked

 with an overdyed silk thread by The Thread Gatherer
(SNC 083  -  Finnegan's Fog)
and solid coloured  DMC  stranded cottons.
Charts and instructions and thread and fabric choices for both versions
are given in the one pattern.
Design Code:   BARB 2007
Design Title:   Hannah's Simple Sampler
Design Cost:   $21.50
I enjoy accounting.
At the age of 16 - when I left college at the end of the 6th form,
for a few years and before I began nursing training and was married -
I worked for the first few months as a junior and from then on an intermediate
at an accounting firm in Upper Hutt.
Those were the good days when one learnt by 'on the job training' and experience.
Loved it!!
When Keith and I began our business partnership with the establishment of
'Crib Retaining Walls' in Dunedin
on the 3rd of March 1981
I went to night-school conducted by an Otago University lecturerer
and obtained my Stage One Accounting degree.
Pictured below -
our truck, our business yard, cribwall stock & our manufacturing building,
inside the factory building - steel moulds, concrete hopper & fork-lift
and - sometimes Keith couldn't work!
However - sometimes - nowadays - I'd much rather be stitching.
BUT, the Inland Revenue does not see this
and they were strongly requesting our income information
for the past income year of 2015/2016.
And so I had to spend a lot of time this month preparing,
writing and calculating our tax obligation.
This I still do completely by hand - no computer -
 right up to Balance Sheet stage
 before sending it to the accountant for them to officially file with the IRD.
And now, here we are, almost at the end of another financial year!
Time to count all the stock in the Needlework Gallery
and excess stock stored in various drawers and cupboards throughout the house.
Oh dear!!!
That's all for the moment.