Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Blog #55 - Ready, Set and Go ...

Tuesday,  16 May 2017

With all the stitching of all the class models
having been completed,
it was time to prepare the kits
i.e. cutting fabric pieces;
cutting thread lengths and winding them onto cards;
printing design charts & instructions
and then packing everything
all neatly into individual packs for the class attendees.

Below are a few pics of the preparations.
Fabric & threads  (Silken Pearl  &  DMC)
for 'Thankfulness'
& threads on cards for the fob design
Pics below are fabric & threads for the fob design
and finally, packaged fob kits
I LOVE the headings of two blogs that my friend,
Bonny Woomer,
of  'The Nebby Needle'
used about her preparations for the needlework retreat  -
I'm so pleased to know that I'm not the only one that struggles with not enough time.
Some of the quotes/comments from her blogs  ....
"My house looks like a bomb went off and all my craft supplies flew everywhere ...
projects here ...  projects there  ...  merchandise bags  ...  price tags  ...  signs  ..."
"I've had to dig through the rubble on the dining room table
to clear a spot for us to eat each night"
"There are battle scars from carrying bins around and running into doorknobs
and a cut here and there from rotary cutters
and other sharp tools of the trade"
But the one that amused me the most,
and the one which Keith totally agreed with was -
"I told the hubs last night that I probably make about 10 cents an hour
when you figure all the time spent getting ready for these shows.
He said, 'You think it's that much?'"
LOVE her response -
"Why then do I do it?  'It's fun' I keep saying!  Well some of its fun.
The events are fun!  It's the people!  I get to hang out with my design friends  ...
I get to see kindred spirit customers that have become friends  ...  and meet new ones.
They're 'my people'.  They share my passion."
Oh - how true are her words.
To read more of this blog and others, go to Bonny's blog  ...
You will enjoy what she has to share.
After preparing all the kits
it was packing all the stitched models of all my designs,
sorting out all the printed designs to take
and the quantities of each design to take,
the threads required for these designs,
display items such as decorative display cloths, easels, flowers, baskets, ribbons, etc.,
price tags, merchandise bags, business cards, brochures, order forms,
set-up items (pins, Sellotape, Blu-tack, rubber bands, etc.)
and so on  ....
And then the worry of will everything fit into my three suitcases
and one hand-luggage case.  And will they be overweight!?
WHEW  -  all done!
Sunday the 30th of April arrived.
Once on board the Air New Zealand plane at the Auckland International Airport
I could now relax and put my feet up for the next twelve hours
before facing US Customs
(which was a horrendous and unnerving experience
for almost an hour of questions and explanations),
walking past the various LA airport terminals,
waiting in lines for security checks,
walking miles of airport corridors to board another six hour flight,
humping heavy suitcases from conveyor belts onto airport trolleys,
travelling over an hour in limo transport from Boston to Nashua
and arriving at my destination -
The Courtyard Marriott Hotel.
After almost 40 hours from leaving home and checking into my hotel room,
I completely unpacked my clothes suitcase
and tumbled onto the bed for a few hours sleep.
More next time.