Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Blog #81 -   Lots of Alphabet Letters

Sunday,  7 April 2019

At the beginning of February I began stitching another version of the design, ’Hem Your Blessings Poche’.  Recently my friend, Joy, and several other ladies purchased this design plus fabric, threads and finishing fabrics.  We all get together at Joy’s lovely home once a month to stitch.  I’m really enjoying this as I don’t have the responsibility for organising it.

I’m stitching this piece in a colourway that is ‘out of my comfort zone’ but surprisingly am enjoying the challenge of working with a different colour palette.  Here is a pic of the original design and my current one -

In addition to stitching over the past month I’ve been writing up and gathering information and creating all the Revenue Statements and Balance Sheets for our business entities for the year ended March 2018 which should have been done before now.  Thankfully they are now with the accountant for them to file on our behalf.

A new financial year has just begun and so on we roll!  I’m now in the process of stocktaking.  Nearly finished, thank goodness.  I will be so pleased when it is!

Over the last few months I’ve written all the instructions for the letters ‘E’,  ‘F’,  ‘J’  and ‘S’ of the Alphabet Series.

These designs are currently at the printers and so those of you who are awaiting these letters, you should have them very soon.

All designs - $20 each

A couple of blogs ago I wrote about the invaluable help that Madison had been with the re-charting of many of ‘The Little Kit Company’ designs that needed to be installed into my needlework design programme.

The latest ones in the Bookmark series that she has completed are -

Over the past few years or so, many of the Needlework Gallery customers/friends have stitched Gigi’s beautiful letter designs -

The latest two letters that have been completed are -

Sharon is currently stitching another letter  -  the letter ‘A’ for her husband, Andrew.

In my needlework cupboard (since 2014) I have fabric cut and threads put aside in readiness to stitch the letter ‘S’ for myself.  My plan is to begin this piece when I have completed another of my unfinished projects.  Maybe after ‘Susie Pierce 1889’.

Last year my dear little Escargo car (Samantha) that I have had since 1994 died.
(I related this news in Blog #78).
I miss her terribly but she is sitting peacefully in front of the Needlework Gallery.

As a replacement purchased a black Mitsubishi Colt Sport.
Hopefully in time I will begin to love her too.

A few weeks ago gave her some identity by having her sign written with the
Heirlooms and Barberry Row logos but didn’t add the various sized cross stitches that were dotted all over ‘Samantha’.

Here are a few pics of my new acquisition -

Till next time, may you and your needle enjoy some quiet,
peaceful time together.

Bye for now.