Friday, 6 December 2019

Blog #84 -  Destined to Become an Heirloom

Friday,  26 July 2019

On one of the exhibition days a lovely customer, Gloria (who lives in Waipukurau) brought her exquisite needleworked casket to show to me.  Just beautiful! 

Below are some pics for you.
The Front, Back  &  Top -

The two ends -

The inside  -

The inspiration for this wonderful piece was in the book pictured below  - 

This book was published by Phyllis Hoffman of Just CrossStitch in 1994 and is now ‘Out-of-Print’.
You may be able to obtain a copy of  it by requesting to purchase one if anyone is willing to sell their copy on the following site  -  Phyllis was also the founder of the Just CrossStitch magazine and the Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly magazine.

Below is a pic of the original casket pictured in the book.

Gloria commissioned a Napier man to create the casket for her, which he did - just using the images from the book.  A very talented man. 
Gloria supplied the wood for the casket - oak milled from trees growing
on their farm. 

Truly a beautiful heirloom created and worked by Gloria for her family.

Thank you for sharing this with me, Gloria, and for allowing me to share it with our fellow needleworkers. 

Truly inspirational.

During the days between being open for the ‘Christmas in July’ exhibition I have been working on writing up the instructions for five more letters of the alphabet series.  This weekend I plan to photograph the finished stitched pieces and insert these images into the prepared documents and take all to the printer on Monday.  The letters are :  G,  H,  L,  M  & P.

I’ve also been stitching other letters, but these have yet to be finished as ornamentals.  Here’s a sneak peek at them -

I can’t recall if you are aware, but each letter is stitched twice as the back of the ornamental is also stitched  -  sometimes in a different colour, sometimes with a different colour layout, sometimes with a change of word.  Thus, when completed, the ornamental can be hung with either side showing.

Early last year I acquired two antique/original samplers from my Belgium friend, Gigi of GigiR Designs.  I LOVE THEM.  And to be sure, I will treasure them!  In time these will pass on to Melissa and I know she will treasure them too, as she has met Gigi, and in time one will go to granddaughter, Ashleigh and the other to granddaughter, Madison.  The one Ashleigh receives will also be meaningful and hold memories for her as Gigi was very good to her when she was living in Belgium for a year as a Rotary Exchange student.

Both of these gorgeous samplers have been charted and published by Gigi and I have begun stitching one of them.
The Biedermeier Sampler 1864.  Here is a pic of the design and a pic of my work in progress -

-  3  -

When publishing this chart, Gigi changed a few of the colours from those used in the original sampler.  I too have opted to change some of the colours from those in the original so that the finished piece will fit in with my home décor colourings.  When I have finished my piece I will photograph it and add it to Gigi’s instructions with a list of my changes.

This piece was originally worked in 1864 on canvas with wool.

Besides the alphabet letters pictured above and the sampler above, I have also stitched another of the pieces of my new design that will be published at the end of the year  -  Sampler Keeps.  Pictured below is a sneak peek.

The thread used in this piece is  -  Sampler Thread  :  0892  -  Loganberry
and the fabric is  -  Belfast Linen  :  32 count  -  Lt. Mocha / Mushroom

And - you know me!  I never have only one piece of needlework “on the go” at one time. 
I have sorted out threads and fabric for stitching Gigi’s letter, “S” for myself. 

I’ve decided to stitch it with Silk ‘n Colors thread by The Thread Gatherer - Cyprus Umber.  One strand of thread on 40 count. 

Pictured below is thew letter “S”.  Stitched by my friend Sharon for herself.

And lastly, lately I have received photos of pieces of needlework worked by some of my lovely customers, and here they are for you to see -

Design Title:  Thirty Anniversary Stitches

Design Code:   BARB : WL 005
Price:   $50.00

Busy days ahead.  Our monthly NATTER Day on Sunday and then the next few days will be busy with sorting out the models and products that I need to take to Taupo, packing them into protective bags and labelling each bag, then packing them into large plastic crates before stacking them into the car.

Next time you hear from me this awesome weekend will have come
and gone.

Will relate news and show pics of the weekend in that blog.

Till then, happy stitching  …...