Thursday, 5 December 2019

Blog #83 - Christmas in July

Thursday,  25 July 2019

My second planned exhibition - Christmas in July  opened on the 6th of July.

And as it’s title suggested, it was all about Christmas. 

Lots of lovely new items were on display and available for purchase -  Nativity Scenes, Christmas Greenery,  Stocking Hangers,  Christmas Tree Ornaments,  Candles & Candle Holders,  Home & Tableware Décor,  Angels, and,  of course   …..  Santas.

And randomly placed amongst all the items for sale were the many Christmas designs I have stitched over the past twenty odd years.

I set everything up in what will be my new Needlework Gallery opening some time in the new year - date yet to be determined.

To follow are some pics of the various displays.

The Tableware / Décor tables 

and a few more  …  the ‘Nativity Scenes’ table  -

and the future ‘point of sale’ area -

And to follow are a few pics of stitched models - 

Mr & Mrs Claus                                                                                           Christmas Bell

Thank you for your donations to the Rehoboth Girls’ Orphanage  ~  India!

Thank you to everyone who visited the ‘Christmas in July’ exhibition and especially for your generous donations.

As per the last exhibition, I asked each visitor to the exhibition for a small monetary donation of $5.00 - these proceeds going to the Rehoboth Girl’s Orphanage in India.

In addition to these funds, over the past three months myself and many, many ‘Heirlooms’ friends have been stitching and creating Christmas tree decorations/ornaments. 

For an additional $20.00 donation each visitor to the exhibition could choose one of these ornaments for themselves or to give as a gift to someone else. 

All of the proceeds from these ornaments was also for the orphanage.

Thank you again to everyone - stitchers and visitors - for making this event possible.  There are a few decorations/ornaments available if you would like to send a donation.

To date, total donations for the orphanage amounts to $1,120.00.


Below is a copy of the ‘Thank You’ note given to visitors to the ‘Christmas in July’ exhibition.  It gives an insight into the orphanage and our New Zealand missionaries that work there.

A little explanation.  Someone commented to me about the amount raised at our last exhibition for ‘Door of Hope” as not being very much.  Possibly it does not sound very much, but $340.00 equates to 68 visitors to the exhibition, and for this number of visitors to come to the Needlework Gallery, I am grateful and thrilled with your support.  Thank you.  You will be blessed for your financial gift and for the time you gave to visit.

I still have news to relate about an exquisite item of needlework and some pics of this beautiful piece to show you, but these will have to wait until my next blog.

Next Thursday I leave to travel to Taupo for the awesome ‘Sampler Gathering’ weekend with the car loaded up with needlework models and needlework products (designs, threads, fabric, etc.) plus all the display items (easels, cloths, etc.).  Plan to arrive there late in the afternoon and begin setting up that evening and then finishing the setting up the following morning.  Thankfully Melissa is joining me on the Friday and so I will have help during what is always a very busy time.  Looking forward to it though as there is something special about spending time with other ladies who have the same passion for needlework, especially samplers, as myself.

Finally, I must say a sincere and heartfelt thanks to everyone who has written, sent cards and emails, and telephoned, to convey good wishes and that they are thinking of me.  I began replying to each person but I have received so many that I have become overwhelmed.  I dearly would love to respond to each and every one of you, but I cannot.  Please, please accept this note as a personal acknowledgement of gratitude, love and thanks.  May God richly bless you all.

Till next time, enjoy each moment of every day that you have been given.