Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Blog #3 - My Beautiful Gift

Saturday, 3 May 2014

On arrival, Ellen gave me the most beautiful gifts!

A fabric project bag and a wonderful set of Shaker Boxes.

One can never have too many project bags, especially as I never stitch
one piece of needlework at a time
but have many pieces in varying stages of completion.
Here is the first of my lovely gifts ~

Isn't this just lovely?!

A good size as it holds
an A4 sized design.

And isn't the fabric design
just awesome!

Very apt for someone
who has grown to love

And here is a photo of my Shaker Boxes -

I LOVE shaker boxes. 
And have done
so ever since I first saw them.

Note my new little kitten  -  Tabitha,beside the boxes.

More about her in a later blog.


 Whilst on the subject of gifts, my friend and faithful, needlework customer,
Clare Campbell, was unable to attend Ellen’s class, but she made the
loveliest of gestures.  She embroidered and sewed two items for Ellen
- a project / needlework roll with a matching little carry bag
for needlework accessories.
Ellen was absolutely delighted with them. 
She has written about these gifts in her blog.
Go to Ellen’s blog - 
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