Friday, 23 January 2015

Blog #6 - Farewell Ellen & Tom

Saturday, 31 May 2014 ~
Farewell Ellen & Tom

Saturday morning came  - the 15th of March -
and it was time to say farewell to two lovely folk.
Just after breakfast, Vivien and her husband, Tony arrived
as they were taking Ellen & Tom back to Auckland by car
to their home to stay overnight as Ellen & Tom were flying
to Melbourne the next day to begin their Australian tour.
 A few photos taken just as they were to leave -
  Ellen, myself  Vivien
Ellen & Tom

Thank you Ellen & Tom for coming to stay.  It was a pleasure and a privilege.

You have enriched our lives and given us lots of memories to treasure. 
Keith and I sincerely thank you.
For those of you who do not know Vivien, she is the lady
behind ‘New Zealand Sampler’ and the founder
of the awesome ‘Sampler Gathering’ weekend.
 She is well known and respected throughout New Zealand
as the expert on our NZ samplers and over the past few years
she has visited most museums throughout NZ
and visited many individuals at their homes
to document samplers worked by New Zealanders.
Many, many years, months, weeks, days and hours have been spent
in research - with the purpose being to write a book
to record these precious samplers and their makers.
This is to be published and available some time in August of this year
- and I know it is eagerly awaited. 
I will have this book in the Needlework Gallery for sale. 

In closing, we three girls (Ellen, Vivien and I)
are so thankful and grateful to our loving husbands
for their support, help and encouragement
as we pursue our passion for needlework. 
Thank you, you wonderful men!

Tony & Vivien,  Keith  &  myself