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Blog #4 - A Visit From Elizabeth & Diane

Monday, 5 May 2014 ~
A Visit from Elizabeth & Diane
Mid-afternoon of the Thursday before our day stitching with Ellen,
Elizabeth Darrah & Diane Martin
called to our home for a visit. 

They each had with them a lovely needlework piece -
both pieces being designs by Ellen.

Diane had stitched, ‘A Fair Maiden’s Etui’
and Elizabeth had stitched, ‘A Pair of Pin Cubes’
but she had finished hers differently.  Instead of a pin cube,
she had made hers into the dearest little box.
Here are photos of their pieces - but sadly. I didn’t do a very good job!

A Fair
Maiden's Etui

     A Pair
     Pin Cubes

Tom took a photo of these two talented girls with their pieces
-  together with Ellen and myself.
This photo can also be seen on Ellen’s blog  - 
visit Ellen’s blog  -

After dinner that evening, Keith, Ellen, Tom and myself went to the venue
(i.e. The Mission Estate) to ensure everything was prepared and working okay
in readiness for the next day - the day of our class.
I took along my stitched models of Ellen’s designs that I had worked plus other pieces that had been so kindly loaned from Melissa and friends - Joy, Robyn, Andrea, Lee, Margo - and began setting up a display, leaving room for other pieces from class attendees that were to be arriving from all over NZ - Auckland, Christchurch, Dannevirke, Wellington, Tauranga, Stratford, Wanganui
(to name a few).
A few photos of and from our display -    

And here are some photos of individual pieces -
Mrs. Waddelow's Huswif
A Multiplication Table  -  Joy

Be Ye Kind and True  -  Andrea
Strawberries So Faire  -  Lee

Quaker Samplings  -  Joy

A Quaker
Needlework Box
-  Andrea
(stitching completed
but not yet made into a box)
-  Margo
as small
individual cushions
rather than a book)


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