Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Blog #7 - Happenings At Our Home

Sunday,  11 May 2014 ~
Happenings At Our Home

Just over a couple of weeks after Ellen & Tom left us
things began happening at our home.

When we first purchased our property in October 1999
it was six acres of neglected apple orchard -
long grass, weeds, thistles as tall as some of the trees
and apple trees that had not been sprayed or pruned for years.

There was no house and not one even one ornamental tree on the property.
Keith and I set about removing approximately 350 trees (see image above).

We then found and purchased a derelict old villa - just over 100 years old -
and on the 7th of November we had it moved in three pieces on to the property
to become our home.

Thus, over the years we have gradually restored the old house
and planted almost 300 trees - maples, ashes, oaks, laurels, etc. -
and landscaped the property. 

If you would like to view images of some of the progress,photographs are on the website -
Currently the Needlework Gallery is in the un-renovated lounge of the house.
My dream has always been to build a cottage  in the same style as the house,
near to the house, for this to house my needlework. 
However, the governing powers have refused permission
for this and so the alternative plan has had to be
to add on to the existing house.
This addition began on the 30th of March.
Here are a few photos of the house taken just before work began.
As one drives up the drive -
Front view of where the addition is to be -        

Back view of where the addition is to be -
I am very disappointed that this has had to happen like so, but we have had no other choice.

Keith operating the little digger and destroying one of the gardens
31 March 2014  -

and the next day setting up the profiles for the new addition -
By the 4th of April some of the floor joists were done.

One of the greatest disappointments with this addition is that although Keith
has been building all his life - brand new homes as well as renovated
and adding on to over ten homes for ourselves -
he is not allowed to build this one as the building laws
have changed so that only “ticketed”
builders are now allowed to build. 
So frustrating as Keith is an EXCELLENT builder -
far better than the so-called ‘professionals’.
Further updates in future blogs.