Monday, 23 February 2015

Blog #12 - Soup and Bun Day

Tuesday,  2 September  2014  -

A lot of days in August were taken up with further notifications
to different organisations of the passing of my mum,
the daily reading of cards and letters and Emails that arrived,
several meetings with the Solicitor re Mum’s estate, etc. 
Also, I was desperately trying to finish the instructions, stitch diagrams
and chart for Part 5 of the ‘Favoured Shades Sampler’
that should have been sent to all participants on the first of August
but had not due to my not having had the time to do them in July. 
And then I had to do the same for Part 6 so that it could be finished
and therefore ready to be sent out on the first of September.
I also had to finish the stitching of Part Six of the sampler
that I was re-doing in the burgundy shades. 
Part Five and Part Six of the Favoured Shades Sampler pictured.

Original 2006 sampler  -  greens   :   2014 sampler colours  -  burgundys
Parts Five & Six:

I didn’t begin any of the packing up of Mum’s home this month
apart from sorting out those specific items that were noted
in the Will for certain persons. 
Consequently, inside her villa looked quite a mess. 
Definitely NOT what it would have been like had she been alive - 
those of you who knew her will remember how fastidious she used to be!

The most significant happening in this month was the
‘Soup and Bun Day’at Otane.
This is an awesome yearly event organised by the
Otane Patchworkers & Embroidery Group in support of the Cancer Society.
It is a day when all patchwork groups in the area are invited
to stitch and chat together, ‘Show and Tell’ their latest patchwork projects
and enjoy morning and afternoon teas and a lunch of soup (vege or pumpkin)
with a bread roll - all of which have been catered for by the Otane ladies group.

$10.00 is the cost and there are at least three fabulous raffles
of all sorts of goodies. 

All ladies are encouraged to wear something pink
and there is a prize for the most innovative.  
Some girls have amazing imaginations and wear the most incredible outfits!
In addition to the companionship of like-minded persons, a representative
of the NZ Cancer Society always speaks of their work   



plus there is always another guest speaker.  
This year it was the lady from Birdwoods Gallery
situated in Havelock North and she related
the horrifying events of how she and her family were treated
and had to leave their farm in Rhodesia
and everything they had when carloads of crazed nationals
came to evict them and take over their property
and then how they had to pick up the pieces of their lives and begin again.
I don’t know how I would cope in such a situation.

Over 80 ladies attended this day and over $2,000.00 was raised.   AWESOME!

My part in this lovely day is I set up a ‘mini’ display of needlework pieces
and have needlework products for sale. 
I do enjoy this day but it is a lot of work and the older I’m getting -
the harder it is as it involves deciding what to take and packing it up
on the Saturday, travelling to Otane on the Sunday afternoon
and setting it up which takes about three hours,
then it’s the day on the Monday and after the event the packing up
of everything and then Tuesday is taken up with replacing
all the needlework pieces and products back into the Gallery.

Some of the many needlework pieces I had on display are pictured below.

All of these designs are available for purchase.
Please contact me if you like one or two sent to you.

Cherry Blossoms Fob
by ‘The Sweetheart Tree’

Code:  SWT:T 082
Design (including embellishment):  $25.00
La Fleur
by  'The Sweetheart Tree'
Code:  SWT:T 151
Design  (including embellishment):   $25.00
Thread:  Dungarees
Simply Shaker Sampler Thread
by  'The Gentle Art'
$5.50  per skein
 Catnip Kitty Fob
by   'The Sweetheart Tree'
Code:  SWT:T  096
Design  (including embellishment)  :  $25.00
Cat Scissor  by  'Kelmscott Designs'
Tiny Quaker Potted Flower & Fob
by  'The Sweetheart Tree'
Code:  SWT:T  152
Design  (including embellishment):  $25.00
Thread:  Currant
Sampler Thread  by  'The Gentle Art'
 $5.50  per skein

The same design but stitched with a different thread type and colour.

Tiny Quaker Potted Flower & Fob
by  'The Sweetheart Tree'
Code:  SWT:T  152
Design  (including embellishment):  $25.00
Thread:  Sweet Peas
Silken Pearl #10  by  'The Thread Gatherer'
 $12.00  per skein
Note:  This colour has been discontinued
but lots of other lovely overdyed colours available in this range.
 Garnet Sampler
by  'Periwinkle Promises'
Design:  $39.50

 Grape Delight
by  "Periwinkle Promises'
Design:  $39.50
Rose Motif Sampler
by  'JBW Designs'
Code:  JBW  257
Design:  $13.00
Thread:  Sophie's Strawberry
Silk 'n Colors  by  'The Thread Gatherer'
$13.50  per skein
The Rabbit Sampler
by  'JBW Designs'
Code:  JBW  252
Design:  $13.00
Thread:  Cameo Pink
Sampler Thread  by  'The Gentle Art'
$5.50  per skein

A Floral Bouquet
by  'JBW Designs'
Code:  JBW  096
Designs:  $10.00
Threads:  Your choice of  DMC Stranded Cotton  or  Sampler Threads
DMC Stranded Cotton:  $1.80  per skein
Sampler Threads:  $5.50  per skein
Model stitched with DMC threads 
The next design has been stitched in two different colourways and also stitched over one thread and over two threads. 
French Country  ~  Armour
by  'JBW Designs'
Code:  JBW  179
Design:  $10.00
Thread:  Tea Rose
Simply Shaker Sampler Thread  by  'The Gentle Art
$5.50  per skein
French Country  ~  Armour
by  'JBW Designs'
Code:  JBW  179
Design:  $10.00
Thread:  Pomegranate
Simply Shaker Sampler Thread
$5.50  per skein
However, despite all the work, I do enjoy the 'Soup and 'Bun Day'
and consider it a privilege to be part of this lovely day.
That's all for the moment.