Sunday, 1 February 2015

Blog #9 - My New Acquisition

Sunday,  1 June 2014 ~

In one of the images in Blog 3
(beside my lovely gift of Shaker Boxes) was my new little kitten.  
Sadly, at the beginning of the year
my lovely black cat, Toloussee,
had to be put to sleep because of cancer.

Here is a photo of her just before we had to say goodbye.
Due to Ellen & Tom’s visit in the March
we decided not to purchase another little kitten
until after they had gone.

All my life I have loved and had black cats,
but at the pet store this dear little tabby
caught my eye, thus on the 7th of April
we took her home. 

The dearest,
little thing
and I named
her, Tabitha.

 She would just flop down and sleep at the weirdest angles and places.
For example - On the back of the couch
and rest her head on the cushions -
or between the back of the couch and the cushions -
or between me and the arm of the chair -
But - oh, dear - was she a mischief. 
She’d try to climb my net curtains,
 jump up to grab the tassel curtain tie-backs
and of course, she loved my threads.   
Often I would forget about her
and then have to deal with the aftermath
because I hadn’t put them into my sewing box! 
And, as you can imagine, she loved the racks of DMC threads
hanging in their hanks on the prongs! 
I finally decided to leave the shredded skeins on the floor
in the hopes that she would play with them
rather than touch new ones.   
Did it work?  I'll leave that to your imagination!! 
Despite everything, we love her.