Friday, 20 March 2015

Blog #19 - The Labour Weekend Exhibition

Tuesday,  4 November  2014  -

Whilst travelling to and from Australia, I worked on a needlework
piece that I had begun on my last trip to the States and not finished -
Tiny Thistle - by Sandie of The Sweetheart Tree.
It is a lovely design but not exactly a very ‘relaxing’ piece
as had to really concentrate as there were so many quarter stitches.
But these quarter stitches are so effective and make the thistle so realistic.
Once this piece is framed I will show a photo of it. 

In the meantime, here is the cover of the design and the particulars
if you would like to purchase it and stitch it for yourself -


Design Title:  Tiny Thistle


Code:  SWT:T 162


Design:  $25.00
(including special
DMC Stranded Cotton


Back home from Australia I had SO many tasks around me that needed doing.
I began falling into a hole and didn’t want to face any of them.
And the more I didn’t face them, the larger the pile grew!

Over 200 funeral thank-you notes were waiting to be written
to those who had sent  flowers, cards, or a letter or an Email
or had attended the funeral service or had so willingly given of their time
to do something special at the service.
I managed to write 127 of them - but the task became overwhelming.

And too, I still had more packing up of my mum’s home hanging over my head.
Earlier in the year I had announced that at Labour Weekend
I would have a special weekend to showcase the work
that the attendees of Ellen’s class - Fruit of the Vine Sampler -
had done and too, the Favoured Shades samplers.
But, with everything that had happened over the previous months
I just didn’t know how I was going to fulfil my commitment. 
And I didn’t want to renege on this commitment as some ladies
had booked flights from Auckland and made motel reservations
here in the Bay - they were coming especially to view the exhibition.
But - thanks to wonderful friends - they saved me.
These awesome friends sent or loaned me pieces of their needlework
so that over the Saturday and Sunday of the Labour Weekend
the Needlework Gallery was open for anyone and everyone
to view the special needlework display.
My awesome and very accomplished needlework friends
and their work -
Elizabeth Darrah of Auckland  :  her Favoured Shades Sampler
     &  fourteen pieces of Sharon Cohen’s designs  (The Nostalgic Needle). 
     These will be featured in my next blog.
Diane Martin of Auckland  :  finished class piece - Fruit of the Vine -
     taught by Ellen Chester of With My Needle and another piece
     also designed by Ellen.
Linda Graham of Christchurch  :  finished class piece - Fruit of the Vine -
     taught by Ellen Chester, her Favoured Shades Sampler,
     and three other beautiful pieces that she had recently finished.
To follow are photos of all the pieces on display
(apart from The Nostalgic Needle pieces). 
They looked wonderful!








Elizabeth’s choice of colour was tones of deeply muted golds
to match her bedroom décor and Linda’s choice
was her favourite tones of blue. 
And you may notice slight changes they made.

Both samplers so different, so unique to the needleworker and so beautiful.
If you would like to purchase this design, details are as follows -

BARB : WL002  -  Favoured Shades Sampler     :     $45.00

Earlier in the year - March - both Diane and Linda came to the Hawkes Bay

to participate in the class conducted by tutor and designer, Ellen Chester. 

As already mentioned, this piece was known as Fruit of the Vine Sampler
and there was a lot of work  involved in the stitching of it and the accessories
and especially in the finishing to create a huswif. 
Both of these talented ladies had completely finished this wonderful project -
and they looked wonderful!
And, once again, as you look at each photo of the finished pieces,
you will see that each piece is unique to each of these ladies
as they chose to finish their huswif differently.
Linda chose to finish hers exactly as per Ellen’s original design -
that is, with the rouched ribbon around the entire edge
of the needle roll & the internal padded pincushion,
whereas Diane chose not to add any ribbon to either piece
and rather than make a padded pincushion inside her huswif,
she chose to make her pincushion piece into a pocket.
Diane's 'Fruit of the Vine Sampler' huswif -
Linda's 'Fruit of the Vine Sampler' huswiif  -

The other lovely piece of needlework that Diane loaned for the exhibition
was another design by Ellen Chester of With My Needle.
Unfortunately my photography is not too good!
Sadly the photo does not do justice to the piece or Diane’s handwork.

It is quite exquisite.

If you would like to purchase this design for yourself, details are as follows -

WMN:FAIR  -  A Fair Maiden’s Etui     :     $40.00

Etui closed -

Etui partially open -

The other lovely pieces recently stitched and loaned for display by Linda
are featured below.



On the left:  ‘Around The World in 80 Stitches’.

A project that Linda participated in via the Internet.


That is, a new stitch and the area in which it was to be worked
was given once a month.
On the right:  Lefkara Mat
A design and technique taught by a tutor at “The Great Escape”
needlework weekend at Orewa, north of Auckland.
This weekend is held every year in the month of March.


At the front:  “Gillyflower Box” .
An embroidery project from one of the issues
of the Australian magazine, ‘Inspirations’.
Thank you, my lovely friends, for making such a display possible.
Sincerely appreciated.

Photos of the beautiful Nostalgic Needlework pieces in my next blog.