Sunday, 22 March 2015

Blog #21 - Some Needlework Projects

Saturday,  22 November 2014  -
After Labour Weekend I fell further and further into the black hole
as it was quite an ordeal packing up my mum’s home.
I really struggled with it.
On the darkest days of not wanting to do anything
or see anyone - I stitched and this was a wonderful balm.
Consequently I have finished stitching a small piece
that I had begun some time ago and completely stitched another little piece.
Both designs are by Sandie of The Sweetheart Tree.
As they are not framed as yet, here are the designs as published.
Both of these designs are available from Heirlooms.

Design Title:  Finger Fun I
Code:  SWT:T 170
Design:  $25.00  (including special embellishments)


Design Title:  Itty Bitty Kitty - Christmas
Code:  SWT:T 169
Design:  $25.00   (including special embellishments)

And too, I have begun working again on a larger design
that I had begun in 2013 and had abandoned to work on other projects -
a lovely reproduction sampler of Gigi’s. 

Not only do I love the design, but love the colours in it.  

They are MY colours - burgundy’s and greens. 
This is how the sampler looked when I picked it up again
on the 8th of November -


The management personnel of the Napier Summerset Retirement Village
has been pestering us every couple of weeks demanding to know
when my mum’s villa would be vacated so that they could sell it -
and so the decision was made for me that I should discontinue
trying to sort out what was for whom and just pack everything into boxes
and take them home to be dealt with another day.
And so, this is what has happened. 
As for the other boxes for Cranford Hospice & The Salvation Army -
we took these to their premises and last Thursday (the 20th) the auctioneers
arrived to take away all the other items (fridge, washing machine,
beds & mattresses, excess furniture, etc.) that remained.  So sad. 
Really, what does it matter what we have collected over the years
and treated as our treasures. 
No-one else wants them and if they are sold, very little is paid.
Here is another photo of my mum -

And here is a pic of my work piling up and up - and which I do not want to face!
The piles
on the desk
were beginning
to fall over
and I
couldn’t find
anything -
and so placed
each task
singly on the floor
of my office.
has helped
as I can now see
which are the
urgent tasks
that need
And too, has helped as I can see progress because as each task
is completed, I can see a little more of the floor.
But - oh dear - will I ever catch up?!