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Blog #27 - Another Birth Sampler

Saturday,  20 December 2014  -
You may recall me mentioning in one of my previous blogs
that as I was struggling with sorting out my mum’s home
and that I was having guilty feelings whenever I disposed
of some of my Mum’s treasures.
I have learnt a lesson and come to a realisation
since those early days of her passing and sorting things out.
I have told my daughter, Melissa and my grandchildren,
that when the time comes for me to leave my earthly body
that they are NOT to feel guilty about what they do with my things.
After all, they are my treasures and I have enjoyed them through my lifetime. 
They are to have and create their own treasures.
I love my teacups and delicate ornaments,
love many of my pieces of needlework,
love my scarves and my pearls,
love the birthday and Mother’s Day cards
I have received and love my photo albums  …. 
but they are just things, and things are not what matter.
What does matter is family and friends.
What does matter is relationships.
What matters is love and memory.
Most possessions will eventually be lost or rusted
or cracked or crumbled or picked up by someone
in an antique shop who never knew the name
or the owner of the object.
But the time one invests in family, in friends,
in those we love, will never be wasted or lost.
It has the capacity to shape memories, to shape souls.
It is the love we give that will make them
want to keep a photo on a wall or sideboard or dresser.
It is the stories we tell them today that will make them
want to pass the stories on to their children.
It is what we do today that determines what becomes
of our life and our name tomorrow.
Every day is therefore a  …..   Timeless Treasure.
It is far more beautiful, far more valuable,
than the most priceless material heirloom
because it gives one the opportunity to invest
in the hearts and souls of the people we love.
This day is the greatest treasure we own.
The other thing that the passing of my mum has done for me
is that it has prompted me to ‘pre-buy’ special birthday gifts.
For example, I gave my eldest granddaughter, Ashleigh,
certain jewellery pieces on her 16th, 18th and 21st birthdays
and so I have bought the same pieces for my other granddaughter,
Madison, even though she is only 13 years of age
and put them aside for her as I do not know
if I will be here to see her on these birthdays.
Also I have just finished a gift for her - the same as I did for Ashleigh -
to be given to her on her 21st birthday. 
That is, I have stitched a birth sampler for her,
adapting another of the monthly birth samplers
designed by my special friend, Sandie Vandosdall of The Sweetheart Tree.
But only adapted it slightly by including Madison’s name
and her birth date plus added a few extra needlework bands/rows
into the centre of the design. 
Madison’s birth month is March and so her birth stone is aquamarine
and her birth flower is jonquil (or daffodil).
Here is the original design as pictured on the cover of the design chart -
Design Title:  "March”
Aquamarine & Jonquil
The Monthly Birthstone Sampler Collection
SWT:T 135
Design: $27.50 
(including  special  embellishment - aqua coloured cabochon heart)
Here is a close-up of the extra piece that I added
into the middle of the original design.
As per
I did not
surname -
only her
My reasoning
for this is that
when she marries,
her surname
will change.
Here is a picture of the complete sampler -

And too, added some special / personal words
to each side of the sampler. 

These are the words I stitched onto Madison’s sampler -
on one side it reads,
“Stitched with love by Nanny in 2014”
and on the other side,
“for your 21st birthday  -  Sherelyn Whiteman”

These words will not be able to be seen when framed.
They are there for someone to find and read in the future
when is it pulled apart to be reframed.

I sincerely hope you have been able to spend some time
relaxing with needle and thread in your hands.
That’s all for the moment.
Your friend,
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