Saturday, 23 May 2015

Blog #29 - Christmas Day 2014

Tuesday,  30 December 2014  - 
By Christmas Day I was beginning to climb out of my big black hole -
but I wasn’t in a very festive mood and so Keith and the other menfolk
in my life took care of that day for me by hosting what Keith called,

“A Bloke’s Christmas”. 

 That is, he, our son-in-law, Ross, and our grandsons, Jacob & Jackson
took over the preparation, cooking, & cleaning up of the Christmas meals
whilst I spoilt and sat in the lounge like a lady and was waited on.
The only proviso for them doing this is that I was not allowed to complain
about how the day and meal was executed - but they did a marvellous job
and I was so proud and grateful to them all!
What a loving, thoughtful thing to do for me.
Melissa was supposed to do the same as myself
but as we celebrated the day at her home she could not cope with sitting still
and not doing anything and so ended up setting up the nibbles tray,
making a salad and setting the table.
A lovely day.
Returned home late afternoon and I began my traditional Christmas gift
of a jigsaw puzzle.
I receive a new one every year and enjoy myself for the next day or two
as I work on it and nothing else until it is finished.
(I am addicted to jigsaw puzzles and so restrict myself to one a year! 
Although, occasionally I will do another over Easter Weekend or Queen’s Birthday Weekend).
This years puzzle was one of numerous photos of William and Katherine -
the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge.
Lots of pieces with teeth on them!
But SO lovely when finished.
I sincerely hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day
with lots of happy memories to treasure forever.