Saturday, 16 May 2015

Blog #28 - The Butterfly Sampler

Monday,  22 December 2014  -

In a previous blog I wrote about the decision that our Mystery Sampler in 2015
would be ‘The Butterfly Sampler’.

I originally stitched this in blue tones on 28 count, Antique White, Brittney fabric,
but to “check” all the design chart and instructions
I have begun stitching it again
but this time on a Lambswool coloured, 35 count, Permin Linen.
I love the variegated blue thread in my first sampler,
but unfortunately it has been discontinued.
It was a Silk ‘n Colors thread by The Thread Gatherer.
SNC 992  -  Summer Shadows
I’ve handwritten most of the instructions and the chart is almost finished
but I still have to type up these in the computer and draw all the stitch diagrams.
I wasn’t sure what other colour to stitch this second sampler
and so worked some ‘samples’.
That is, I chose a variegated thread
and worked a couple of rows of satin stitches
to see how the colours looked when stitched,
as it is amazing how a colour can look quite different
when stitched to when it is in a hank.
Here is a photo of my ‘samples’. 
All threads are - Silk ‘n Colors  by  The Thread Gatherer.
SNC  041  :  Coral Shells
SNC  164  -  Acorn Woods 


SNC  243  -  Woods of Gold
SNC  248  -  Apples & Oak Leaves


I finally chose a burgundy/crimson red colour -
Silk ‘n Colors  :  SNC 179  -  Crimson Wood  
Besides the variegated thread the design also requires
three solid coloured shades - light, medium & dark -
that are in the variegated thread. 
Therefore I worked satin stitch samples of various DMC shades
that I thought would look good with the Crimson Wood. 
Doing so helped me to make my final decision
as to which of the colours I would use.

The three solid colours I finally chose were -
                3722  -  light
                221  -  medium
                814  -  dark
A sampling of this new mystery project for 2015 -

If you think you would like to join us on this journey
please advise of your interest by emailing your name to -

and requesting that you be added to the contact list.
Doing so is not a commitment.
It will ensure though that you are contacted when the project
is about to begin and asking if you would like to participate.
(You can, of course, start this project at any time).

The cost to participate will be $45.00.
This figure does NOT include needlework supplies. 
These are an additional cost and therefore
need to be purchased separately or obtained for your stash.
As per tradition, there is an alphabet in this sampler
and the stitches are -
Long-Arm Cross,  Wave,  Bargello/Florentine,  Queen, 
Four-Sided,  Cross Stitch,  Backstitch,  Interlaced Hem Stitch,
Algerian Eyelets,  Rice,  Satin,  Blackwork,  Hardanger
I do hope you will be able to join us on this next needlework journey.