Saturday, 8 August 2015

Blog #39 - Other Displays Over Queen's Birthday Weekend

Wednesday  -  17 June 2015

As promised, here are photos of Joy’s lovely samplers that she loaned
for display over the Queen’s Birthday Weekend.

Thank you, Joy.  Sincerely appreciated, especially as I know the guests
you had staying with you missed the opportunity of seeing them
hanging on the wall in the family room of your home.

The following pieces are designs by Ellen Chester of With My Needle -


Adorn Thy Heart



The three designs above are available from Heirlooms.

And this lovely piece stitched by Joy is a design by Susan and Pam
of Praiseworthy Stitches -

The Simple Gifts :

When Joy saw this design
she said she just
to stitch this sampler!

It had her name on it !!


Over this Queen’s Birthday Weekend I also displayed the lovely sampler
inspired designs created by Sharon Cohen of the Nostalgic Needle
and which had been kindly loaned and stitched by my friend, Elizabeth Darrah.

Last year I had a special exhibition of these pieces in the dining room, 
but as not returning these pieces to Elizabeth until I see her at the
Sampler Gathering weekend in a few weeks time 
(she is one of the tutors at the weekend), displayed these
in the guest bedroom so that they could be seen again.

They are so beautiful.

These two little pincushions are -

Scottish Christmas Pincushion
The Golden Grape Pincushion

Titles of designs pictured in the next two photos are -
Queen’s Sweet Bag  :  Tudor Rose Sampler  :
Royal Remembrance Pincushion :  Tudor Knot Sweet Bag

Titles of the designs pictured in the following photo (from the left) are -

Irish Sampler Pincushion 2  :  English Sampler Pincushion
Irish Sampler Pincushion  :  Pendant Purse 2
Sampler Garden Chatelaine

I do hope that with looking at these lovely pieces of needlework
that you have been inspired and encouraged
to spend some time with a needle, thread and fabric in your hands.