Saturday, 22 August 2015

Blog #42 - Shattered : but not destroyed

Wednesday,  1  July 2015

Family, friends, events, happenings and circumstances can impact our lives
in many ways - and so often, in ways that are not the best.

At the beginning of the year Keith and I were informed of some devastating news
that affects our future.  We have been so upset and heartbroken.

But every day since receiving the news (and months have passed since then),
the same thing has happened every morning!  

That is, the mat at our back door has been strewn with feathers. 
The remains of the nightly escapades of our pussy cat - Tabitha.

The first time
I saw these feathers, 
the following 
Bible verse
popped into my head -

“Look at the birds
of the air,
for they neither
sow nor reap
nor gather into barns;
yet your Heavenly Father
feeds them.  Are you not 
of more value than they?”

Matthew 6 : 26

Family, friends and happenings may tear us/me to shreds - 
but my Heavenly Father loves me, considers me of great value
and promises to take care of me.

And He reminds me of this every morning!  Isn’t He good!! 
With tears in my eyes because of the hurt, I thank him for his love, 
his promises and his faithfulness.

The second piece
of devastating news
that I received
a couple of months ago
was that the 
Stitches and Threads
tour to Italy 
that I had booked, 
had been cancelled
due to a lack of numbers. 

Once again I felt shred to pieces.

But my lovely friend, Elizabeth Darrah (who was also booked on this tour)
phoned to say that she thought that just the two of us could follow
the planned tour route and do it together.  And so - this is what is happening.

Fortunately Elizabeth has been to Italy several times before 
and so has had some experience but I’m a complete novice 
and will have to rely on her completely.  
I wonder if she realises what she has let herself in for!   
I have a feeling that I’m going to be like a kid let loose in a lolly shop!!

After this tour of Italy, both Elizabeth and I had made other plans - 
and these we did not want to forego.

Elizabeth is going on to Russia to meet up with and tour
with some of her family there and I didn’t want to miss 
on staying in Massa with Giulia & Mario for a few days and then travelling
on to Belgium to see Monique and Gigi and participate
in the needlework show that is for the benefit of UNICEF
that I told you about in my last blog.

Of course, with my going away overseas, the Needlework Gallery 
will be closed for all the weeks I am away.

Therefore, between the following dates I will not be able to supply
any needlework supplies should you require them.

The last Friday that the Gallery will be open is the 21st of August, 
reopening on the 9th of October. 

Whilst I am away, the latest issues of magazines – 
Sampler & Antique Needlework, Just CrossStitch, Stoney Creek
and the annual Just CrossStitch Christmas Ornaments will all probably arrive.  
I promise to send these magazines to you as soon as I can when I get back home.

My apologies if the news of the Gallery being closed
and the lateness of magazine deliveries causes you any problems or inconvenience.

Since my last blog Monique has updated her advertisement for the show, and here it is.

Please pass on news of this event to your overseas family and friends.
Thank you.  Sincerely appreciated.

This month of July is going to be busy.

I’ll try and write again before going to Sampler Gathering
at the end of the month … but no promises …  not sure that I will have the time.

Til next time, do try and de-stress with a needle, thread and fabric in your hands. 

Oh - how I am so thankful for this wonderfully satisfying and calming, creative activity!