Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Blog #40 - Favoured Shades Samplers : Viewer's Choice

Monday  -  22 June 2015

A change of date for our usual stitching get-together
due to most of the girls in our group having another commitment
on the last Sunday of this month.  

The winner of the ‘Viewer’s Choice’ was announced this day.

Although almost seventy ladies participated in the Favoured Shades
mystery sampler project, only sixteen samplers were on display
over the Queen’s Birthday weekend, but despite there not being too many,
it was amazing to see the differences between each one
due to the needleworker each making their sampler “their own”.

And to see the colours that they chose.

Viewer’s Choice  -  the “blues” have it!
First, second, third, fourth & fifth choices were all samplers
stitched with varying shades of blue.

And, unbelievably, there was only one or two votes between each placing.

The winner was :  Maryann Kingston from Waipawa.

And here she is -

My apologies, Maryann
for the bad photography.

I must have moved the camera 
just as I took the photo
as it is not focused properly.

The blues in Maryann’s sampler are what I refer to as “Sampler Blues” ~

of her thread
colours used
are as follows -

Variegated Thread:
Garden Threads  -
Colour #416

Stranded Cotton:
775  :  930  :
931  :  932  :
939  : 
3750   :  3752

Perle Coton 
 #8  &  #12:

(28 count) -

Second:   Linda Graham  -  Christchurch  :  Ice Blues                                                                 
Third Equal:  Robyn Phillips  -  Hastings  -  Shades of Teal             
Third Equal:  Sharon Gordon  -  Napier  -  Indigo Blues & Violet
Fifth:  Joy Hurford  -  Havelock North  -  Brethren Blues

The other winning samplers and their makers -
Linda Graham  :  Ice Blues

Robyn Phillips  :  Shades of Teal

Sharon Gordon  :  Indigo Blues & Violet

Joy Hurford  :  Brethren Blues

As it was such a lovely day for our NATTER  Day / Stitching Get-Together 
- crisp, but fine - took a couple of photos of the "girls" with their samplers.
And here they are -

Standing  -  Annette
 Seated  -  Pam,  Robyn,  Glennis,  Ruth
Standing  -  Joy,  Maryann  &  Sharon

An AWESOME group of friends!

One of the wonderful aspects of life is that one can always be learning from
and be inspired and be encouraged by another.

You may recall that on her 2013 mystery sampler that Elisabeth Beachen
wrote on to the back of her sampler, and therefore recorded, the details of her sampler.
And she has done the same on her Favoured Shades sampler.

Below is a photo of what she wrote - 

What a wonderful idea!

In years to come, 
one will not have to wonder
how, when, or why, 
or with what fabric and thread
this piece was stitched.

as I believe in keeping a pictorial record
of our needlework with written information
beside each picture,
this too I now believe is equally
as important and so I have worked
a similar record for the back of my sampler,
although I have stitched my record.

Here is my record.

Have you begun a record of your needlework journey?

Time will come when we will no longer be here 
to answer questions from our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

As always, I do hope this little note from me has inspired and encouraged you.

Till next time ….