Sunday, 16 August 2015

Blog #41 - Belgium : Here I Come ...

Sunday  -  28 June 2015

The days since the favoured shades sampler exhibition have been busy for me
as I have designed a new but small needlework piece,
hand-written the notes for it, then typed them up
and finished two models of this design.

Keith helped by charting my hand-drawn chart into a computer generated one.

Here is a pic of the two models.

The only stitched difference between the two pieces is the ‘D’ of one
has been worked in Cross Stitch and outlined with Backstitch 
and the other ‘D’ has been worked with a diagonal Satin Stitch
and outlined with Backstitch.

Of course, as you see, the final finishing of each ornamental is different.

The reason for designing this piece is so that it can be published
in a booklet with other designs by designers from all over the world.

The proceeds from the sale of this booklet are for the benefit of UNICEF.

This booklet will be available for purchase at the end of September.

For many years my Belgium friend, Monique, has organised the publication
of this booklet and each year it has a different theme.
This year it is ‘Summer Dreams’. 

When Monique asked me to contribute a design
I thought of how my dream to visit her and Gigi in Belgium,
and Giulia in Italy, is to become a reality this summer
and have therefore named my design, “D …  is for Dreams” 
and the little flowers around the letter ‘D’ represent Forget-Me-Nots -
friends that I do not want to forget.

In addition to the booklet, every year at the end of September, 
Monique also organises a show for international needlework designers
and manufacturers for them to showcase their wares
and have these wares available for sale.

Particulars of the show are as follows -

Date:       Sunday,  27 September 2015
Time:      10am  -  6pm
Venue:    1 Sotriamont Street,
                Nivelles    1400

Entrance Fee:       3.00

Products for sale  -  embroidery, threads, linens, quilting, accessories
For sale  -  “Summer Dreams” Booklet  (for the benefit of UNICEF)
Raffle  -  basket of goodies for stitchers

Here is a copy of the official poster -

To view pictures of previous shows -
have a look at the photos on Monique’s Facebook page :

This is a well recognised show.
Ladies from all over - France, Germany, Holland, Italy, 
and of course, Belgium travel by car or bus load to attend!

Monique has invited me to exhibit at this show - and so this is what I am
to be doing when in Belgium as well as enjoying all the experiences
unique to that country - chocolates, lace, etc.

I will be exhibiting under my design company name - Barberry Row.

I feel quite humbled by this request.

I am also a little apprehensive as I will not be able to set up my site area
as per usual as I cannot take any lovely props with me,
but more so because I do not speak any French.

In fact I struggle with English at times!

I have been listening to a French teaching tape for weeks - and I still can’t “get it”.
I’m really disappointed as I so wanted to show the people some respect
by at least being able to say a few words in their language.

However, one thing is for sure  -  and that is  -  
I will have plenty to write about when  I get back home!